Police Chase Escaped Cow In Edmonton, Deploy Snowmobiles

Edmonton, Alberta – Canadian police chased an escaped cow on the run in north Edmonton on Wednesday morning.

We’ve all heard jokes about Canadian police, but this story has got to take the cake.

Officers staked out an area near the Belvedere LRT station following reports that the animal had escaped from Edmonton Custom Packers, a local slaughter house.

Mohammed Jomha, an employee of the slaughter house, told CBC that the animal managed to escape through an open gate.

“In Lebanon, if a beef ran away on the street, nobody cares,” Jomha said.

“What I saw here … policemen, helicopters, everybody saying, ‘Stay here, stay here.’ It’s unbelievable. It’s a very, very good country.”

Initially, police set a bull loose with the intention of luring the cow toward them, but five hours later the cow and the bull were both wandering aimlessly and avoiding officers.

At one point the bull even charged a parked police car, smashing in one side of the vehicle and climbing over it.

After ramming the parked car several other times, officers finally chased the bull into a closed area.

But still no cow.

The officers devised a second scheme that involved releasing more cows, under the assumption that it would be easier to catch the stray cow while herding the cattle as a group with snowmobiles.

Eventually police chased the original escaped cow into a cattle truck.

Here’s the police stakeout for the escaped bovine:

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