Paris Jackson’s Family Wants To Enable A Conservatorship Following Her Suicide Attempt, Per ‘Radar Online’

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Paris Jackson’s family may look into enabling a conservatorship for the young woman following her alleged suicide attempt, as Radar Online revealed. A source close to the family said that Jackson’s behavior has “spiraled out of control” following the release of Leaving Neverland, which highlighted the alleged abuse of several young men by her late father, pop sensation Michael Jackson.

“Paris is in a deep state of denial in regards to the Neverland film. But her denial has obviously turned dangerous,” the insider shared.

Additionally, the family has some major concerns over Jackson’s relationship with her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn. The duo engaged in some seriously disturbing behavior shortly before her latest trip to the hospital and were caught in the middle of a screaming match by cameras, as Radar Online further shared. Furthermore, in the photos, Jackson appeared to have been drinking heavily, which is cause for concern considering she had recently left a rehabilitation center.

Aside from the public drinking and arguments with her boyfriend, the family feels as though Jackson has been spending copious amounts of money on Glenn and their relationship and would like to step in before the situation gets out of hand. Jackson’s brother, 22-year old Prince, has already made attempts to get his sister’s behavior under control, and the family is desperately trying to get the young woman to cut ties with Glenn before another major incident occurs.

The family’s matriarch, Katherine Jackson, is said to be at her breaking point with her granddaughter, and the family is trying to gain some control over Jackson despite her claims that she is fine and that nothing is wrong.

Jackson took to Twitter to lash out at several news outlets and those folks who reported on her alleged suicide attempt, calling them out for being “liars” and asking when they would stop aiming at her. She shared that she recently closed her eyes at a gas station where Glenn was pumping gas and revealed that the story had been spun to show her falling asleep at the wheel, which she then became upset about.

She also slammed reports that she had been in the hospital, calling the situation “bulls**t.”

If the Jackson family is able to gain conservatorship over the 20-year old, it may be similar to the one that pop star Britney Spears has been under since her public meltdown in 2007. In a highly-photographed, downward spiral, Spears was snapped shaving her head and then grabbing an umbrella in an attempt to break a nearby car window. As E! News shared, that was the breaking point for her family, and they decided to make her conservatorship more permanent in 2008, which is still in effect to this day and will not expire until Spears turns 40.

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