Kristin Cavallari Tearfully Remembers Brother Michael’s Death, Wishes She Could ‘Just Hug Him One More Time’

Sam WassonGetty Images

Though Kristin Cavallari’s brother passed away back in 2015, the reality star admits that she still struggles with his death.

The mother of three found out that her brother, Michael Cavallari, passed away just one day after Thanksgiving three years ago. It also happened to be shortly after the birth of her daughter, Saylor. Michael, who had struggled with mental illness for quite some time, crashed his car and ended up getting lost when he got out of the vehicle. Eventually, his body was found and it was determined that he died of hypothermia.

On last night’s episode of Very Cavallari, E! Online shares that Kristin opened up about her brother’s death and how it still affects her to this day. The 32-year-old can be seen tearfully confiding in one of her close friends, confessing that she wishes that she could “just hug him one more time and just say goodbye.”

“As soon as you think you’re okay…like I really was like, ‘I’m actually okay!’ I’m like, ‘I’ve totally accepted it.’ I’m like, ‘I’m fine!’ then it just comes out of nowhere and just f****ed you up,” she shares.

The reality star says that what eats her up the most is the way that her brother died. Of course, she says that she also feels terrible for her parents that they had to have a child who died the way that Michael did. But Kristin’s husband, Jay Cutler, has a little bit of a different spin on things and says that he thinks the tragedy was for the best since Michael was so unhappy and is now in a better place.

Earlier this year, Cavallari posted a throwback photo of herself and her brother to mark the three-year anniversary of his death. In the black-and-white image, the siblings appear to be having a blast as Kristin holds a big glass of wine in her hand and Michael holds a tall glass of beer and points into the camera. It comes as no shock that the image has earned Kristin a ton of attention from her millions of Instagram followers with over 286,000 likes in addition to 3,300 comments.

“Ur soo strong! I do forget sometimes how hard this has been for u! And for that, I’m sorry! All my luv,” one follower wrote.

“The pain of losing a loved one never seems to go away. We just learn to continue to live on with their memory. Thinking of you!”

“This was so awful. I’m so sorry,” one more chimed in.

Though the death has been really hard on Kristin, it’s nice to see that she has the support of her husband, three children, and millions of social media fans.

Very Cavallari airs on Sunday evenings on E! network.