Funny March Madness Bracket Names For The 2019 NCAA Tournament: Names To Make Your Co-Workers Chuckle

If you’re looking for the upset picks to take your March Madness bracket to the next level, this isn’t the right place.

But if you want a funny name for your March Madness bracket in 2019, then you’re right at home.

Finding a clever name for the bracket can be just as fun as picking the right upsets, and since Trevor from accounting usually wins with his bracket — one that picks which mascot would win — you might as well as much effort into finding a name that will make your co-workers or friends chuckle when they see you at the bottom of the rankings.

There are a few different approaches to finding the right funny name for your March Madness bracket. You can go with some of the classics, names that are perennial hits regardless of which teams have the top spots. Athlon Sports has a good grouping of these, and following are some of the top examples — which, incidentally, are also the most popular unique names for’s NCAA challenge.

  • Full Metal Bracket
  • March Sadness (March Badness works just as well)
  • Final Fourgasm
  • Making Brackets Great Again
  • Cinderella Story
  • Church of Bracketology

If you’re going this route, it’s best not to pick a March Madness bracket name that’s overdone. To help figure out which puns are getting old and tired and which puns are still sharp, Salon is here to help. The media outlet runs down which bracket names are done to death, and which names are not all that creative. Upset City was the most popular of all custom-named brackets, so that would likely be one to avoid.

The report also noted that the incredibly specific NCAA Tournament bracket names, ones referencing players and coaches, are usually lost on co-workers who may or may not know any names of players or coaches. So while you may be tempted to come up with a play on words for Duke star Zion Williamson — and there are a lot of possibilities, like Mount Zion, or Zion Will-I-Win, or even To Infinity and Zion’d — it’s often better and more effective to find one that everyone can appreciate. The bracket names above are a good start, or maybe try a pun based on the place you work.

If you happen to be in an NCAA Tournament pool with people who know their college basketball, then The Sporting News has a slew of coach and player-specific names that will go over much better.