‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Mike’s Frazzled, Sasha’s Anxious, Anna’s Confrontational, & Dante’s Bold

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, March 18, tease that there’s something for everybody incorporated into this one show. This week will not only move existing storylines forward, but it will also showcase some other characters who haven’t been seen much lately.

Actor Max Gail has won a lot of praise for his authentic, emotional portrayal of Sonny’s father Mike. The last that viewers saw of Mike, he had been moved from Sonny’s home to live in a care facility full-time. Now, General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll get out to do lunch with Carly and Michael. Unfortunately, it won’t go well.

Michael will be anxious to spend some time with his grandfather, but Mike will get flustered and confused. As a worried Carly and Michael look on, Mike will be agitated and insists that he needs to leave right away.

As Carly, Michael, and Mike work through this, Sonny will be facing a dire situation with Dante in Turkey. Raj has challenged Dante to prove his allegiance and that means taking out Sonny. The Inquisitr has detailed that this will be intense, but soon, Dante and Sonny will be headed back to Port Charles.

Back in Port Charles, Lulu will spend time with Maxie. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Lulu will open up about missing Dante, and Maxie will do her best to support her friend.

Obviously, it would have been helpful for Dante to be home and supporting his wife as she recovers from Ryan’s attack, but his undercover work made him impossible to reach. Lulu and Dante will reunite soon, but will this come too late for their marriage to weather this storm?

Nina’s wedding to Valentin is rapidly approaching and Sasha is feeling anxious. It’s getting more and more difficult for her to keep the secret about not being Nina’s daughter and despite all of the lies, she does seem to care about not wanting to hurt Nina.

General Hospital spoilers note that Sasha will approach Peter during Monday’s episode, noting that she wants to talk about Nina’s wedding. Sasha might be trying to assess whether Peter is doubting her intentions since she picked up on Maxie snagging her DNA. However, Peter will surely keep his suspicions close to the vest and play along with being Valentin’s happy best man for now.

Anna’s twin sister Alex will pop up again and She Knows Soaps indicates that Finn will agree to help her. As The Inquisitr has detailed, Alex will be blind and impacted by the virus that has been hitting all of the twins, and Finn will step in to help reverse the blindness.

Of course, Anna will want answers in exchange for helping Alex. As the two sisters talk, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna will be left more flustered than anticipated by what her sister reveals. Alex will confirm that some of her memories were successfully transplanted to her sister and Anna will be desperate to sort through what’s real and what’s not.

Monday’s show will also have some action with Jordan and Curtis, and it looks like she’ll be anxious to get back to work as he worries about her recovery. General Hospital spoilers signal that viewers have a lot to look forward to this week, and there are plenty of twists and turns on the horizon.

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