Former Head Of The Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile To Join Fox News

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The former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, has signed a deal to offer analysis on the heavily Republican-leaning Fox News and Fox Business Network. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the former Democratic Party executive and CNN contributor made the announcement Monday, accompanied by a lengthy treatise pre-empting anticipated criticism from her detractors in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Brazile claimed that her goal is to engage an audience on Fox News that “doesn’t hear enough from Democrats.”

“I know I’m going to get criticized from my friends in the progressive movement for being on Fox News,” said Brazile in her announcement. “My response is that, if we’ve learned anything from the 2016 election, it is that we can’t have a country were we don’t talk to those who disagree with our political views.”

Prior to authoring Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House in 2017, Brazile had previously been a contributor to both CNN and ABC. However, those networks reduced her role with them when Brazile was named interim chair of the DNC in July of 2016. CNN cut ties with Brazile with more finality in October of 2016, when Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails revealed that Brazile had slipped Clinton’s campaign the debate questions CNN was planning to ask the candidates in advance of Democratic presidential primary debates.

“We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” CNN spokespeople said at the time, according to a report by Variety.

Donna Brazile at a book signing.
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According to a Fox spokesperson, Brazile will have zero involvement with any candidate debates — or with town hall-style question and answer sessions.

Brazile’s Twitter critics were quick to weigh in, with commenters calling her a “self-serving careerist,” and calling her decision to join Fox News “pathetic.”


One user likened her decision-making process to that of Krusty the Klown on an episode of The Simpsons. In one episode, Krusty begged Bart for forgiveness for ruthlessly cashing in on his fans’ adoration, and the user posted a GIF wherein Krusty offers the excuse that “They drove a dump truck full of money up to my house!”

Long before she was a television talking head, Brazile worked as a Democratic Party operative, managing Al Gore’s 2000 campaign. She also has worked with Jesse Jackson, Richard Gephart, and Walter Mondale.

Brazile is expected to make her first Fox News appearance on The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino at 2 p.m. EST on Monday. Perino served as White House Press Secretary to then-President George W. Bush.