Erika Girardi Teases 'RHOBH' Season 9 Drama, Says Viewers Have A 'Long Road Ahead'

Erika Girardi opened up about the Season 9 drama of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while chatting with Us Weekly earlier this month.

According to a March 17 report, the reality star and singer told the magazine that while there is plenty of drama going down on the currently airing episodes of the show, there is also much more ahead when it comes to the ongoing puppy drama of the season.

"We're still very early and you have a long road ahead of you," Girardi said. "The show's awesome."

Weeks ago, Girardi told the same magazine that the Season 9 drama with her co-stars "ebbs and flows" and, as fans have seen, the majority of her co-stars appear to be turning on longtime cast member Lisa Vanderpump, who is accused of pushing a negative story about Dorit Kemsley.

Throughout the ninth season, fans have been attempting to get to the bottom of who it was that wanted everyone to know that Kemsley's adopted chihuahua ended up in a kill shelter. Although Teddi Mellencamp admitted to repeating the story at the request of Vanderpump, Vanderpump denied she was behind the story and accused Mellencamp of gossiping with one of her Vanderpump Dogs employees.

Following the backlash online, Vanderpump shared a post on Twitter that encouraged Bravo TV to fire her co-stars.

Vanderpump also addressed the doggy drama in a March 10 blog post.

"For me, to put my hand to God and swear and swear on my children's life and still have my friend disbelieve me is unacceptable," she wrote, referencing her co-star's claims of planting the story about Kemsley. "I assure you, if any of my friends were as vociferous in their statement of innocence, holding up their children's life … guess what? I would believe them."

According to Vanderpump, she chose to end her friendship with Kyle Richards after many, many years due to the fact that Richards wouldn't take her side and defend her.

Vanderpump also said that she knows Kemsley didn't mean any harm when she gave her dog to someone else, who later took the puppy to a shelter.

"I didn't believe for one minute that Dorit would've knowingly left the puppy in a shelter, but she was guilty of a careless choice," Vanderpump explained.

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