High School Students Come Together To Purchase A Bullied Classmate New Shoes

In today’s society, we are constantly surrounded by a seemingly endless cycle of negative news. With so much evil in the world, a group of high school students wanted to show that there is still good out there. Fifteen-year-old Azrael Robinson is a student at LaVergne High School in La Vergne, Tennessee. He is usually a cheerful kid but after being the victim of bullying at a former school, he became more reserved. Some of his fellow classmates noticed he wasn’t his usual happy self and decided to do something kind for him to show him how much he meant to them, according to Today.

A heartwarming video from his ninth-grade biology class shows the students presenting Robinson with some clothes a brand new pair of Nike shoes they came together to purchase for him. When they first hand him the wrapped box, he’s visibly shocked and confused. However, when they share their reasoning for giving him the gift, he’s brought to tears by the gesture.

“We bought you some stuff because of how generous you are and everything you do,” one of the teens told him.

His biology teacher, Sonji Newman, said that Robinson has been known to go out of his way to offer a helping hand to his fellow classmates. This was their way of returning the favor and letting him know that he is appreciated.

“If they don’t understand something, he’s the first one to help. If anything is dropped in the classroom, he’s the first one to pick it up. If a student is down, he’s the first one to say everything is going to be okay.”

While it was a simple gesture of kindness, it meant the world to Robinson. He was so touched that when his mother, Traci Robinson, picked him up from school he was still emotional. He explained to her that he was crying not out of sadness but gratitude.

“Even just knowing that this had happened, I bawled all the way home,” she said.

The video showing the sweet moment quickly went viral and inspired many. Stephanie Myers, the older sister of one of the generous students, shared the clip on Facebook for others to enjoy. She emphasized that while we might not know the struggles those around us face, it’s the small acts of generosity like this that can make all the difference.

“This video is so emotional & filled with love. You just never know what kids go through, but it’s kids like them, that gives us hope.”

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