Joe Biden Appears To Accidentally Announce He’s Running For President

During a speech in Delaware on Saturday, former Vice President Joe Biden accidentally announced that he is likely running for president of the United States, The Daily Beast reports.

In what appears to have been an accidental slip up, Biden — while criticizing the “new left” — declared that he has the “most progressive” record of all candidates currently in the race.

“I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the Unite–” the former vice president stopped in his tracks, realizing what he had done, as the crowd cheered. “Anybody who would run,” he recomposed himself and clarified.

Biden paused, look around the room and glanced over the cheering crowd, throwing up his hands in the air “I didn’t mean,” he said, only to get interrupted by the roaring crowd again.

According to the Daily Beast, the former vice president then continued with the speech, in what appeared to be an attempt to simply press on without acknowledging that he had essentially announced his presidential bid.

If Biden indeed runs, that will come as no surprise given that the former vice president has already indicated that he is aiming for the White House.

His claims of having the “most progressive” record of anybody running for president are, at the very least, dubious. Biden will, if he enters the race, be one of the most conservative Democrats running, if not the most conservative.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Joe Biden, for instance, supported the Iraq war, laid the groundwork for the notorious PATRIOT Act, prided himself on being “tough on crime,” waged a war on drugs, opposed same-sex marriage, and openly supported racial segregation.

“Americans want outsiders, reformers, and fresh faces, not politicians with decades of baggage,” Vox observed, pointing out that Biden supported banking deregulation, and failed to protect a sexual harassment victim, which could turn out to be a major issue for him in the #MeToo era.

As The Daily Beast notes, the Democratic Party’s core base is ideologically to Biden’s left and desperate for radical change, which candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have promised. A seasoned politician like Biden seemingly does not believe in that change.

During his speech, Biden discussed the upcoming presidential election, arguing that the United States needs to be “united,” and opining that the election in 2020 will be “the most important” in “over 100 years.”

“I believe we are at an inflection point. The election in 2020, without hyperbole, is going to be the most important election this country has undergone in over 100 years. Not a joke,” he said.

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