‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Hoping For A Scotty And Ava Romance After Ryan Fiasco

General Hospital has been quite dramatic over the past two weeks. The residents of Port Charles are reeling from what has been dubbed “the twinning.” Ryan Chamberlain fooled everyone by taking his twin brother’s place for months without anyone knowing. He has left many devastated, especially Ava Jerome.

Ava is a complete mess. She has been drinking ever since she found out that the man who she thought loved her unconditionally was not actually Dr. Kevin Collins. She is also trying to deal with the shock of finding out that the man she was about to marry killed her daughter because of his devotion to her. Who wouldn’t be totally crazy with grief after that? While Ava thinks that she is all alone now, she does have one person who has always been there for her, and he isn’t a serial killer.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday coming from SheKnows Soaps tease that Ava will be on a search for tough love, but fans are really hoping that she lands right into Scott Baldwin’s arms.

On Thursday’s episode, Ava walked right past Kevin’s photo on the wall at General Hospital and proceeded to tear it down. She ended up in a meltdown, but Scotty was there for her. As she wailed in his arms and fell to the ground, he comforted her the best way he knew how.

Those two have been friends for a while now. It’s obvious that he cares a lot about her. In fact, he wasn’t happy at all with her infatuation with “Kevin.” Scotty tried to talk her out of romancing him. He has given Ava strong hints that he is the man for her, not “Kevin.”

General Hospital fans have taken to social media after watching the emotional scene between them this past week, revealing how much they want this pairing to happen.

“I want this to happen These two are so perfect for each other,” one person wrote.

“This is the perfect time though. Scotty loves Ava, unconditionally,” another fan said.

Even actor Kin Shriner, who has played the role of Scott Baldwin even before Luke and Laura were an item, is all for a romance between his character and Ava Jerome. He made a comment on Twitter about the pairing, but it doesn’t sound like the writers are leaning that way. Maybe when things settle down after the Ryan fiasco, Ava will see that she has someone right in front of her who loves her no matter what.

Scotty has shown plenty of compassion lately with his son Franco and with Ava. However, he also likes to cause some ruckus when need be. Fans think that “Scava” would be perfect together.

Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see how Ava will deal with the aftermath of Ryan Chamberlain.

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