Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Ashley Stuns Her Family

Brand new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Ashley Abbott’s surprising return to Genoa City will leave the Abbott family stunned.

When Ashley (Eileen Davidson) left Genoa City last year, she took her Jabot patents with her. Ashley moved to Paris and started a rival cosmetics company called My Beauty. Recently, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) told Kerry (Alice Hunter) that My Beauty is Jabot’s most significant competitor right now. Phyllis plans to go right at Ashley’s products with new Jabot releases. However, Kerry is secretly communicating with somebody, and that person may be Ashley.

Speaking of secrets, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Billy (Jason Thompson) think that Kerry is helping them bring down Phyllis as Jabot’s CEO. They’re ready to get rid of Phyllis after her negative press for the J.T. murder trial. Jack has no idea that his girlfriend also has Phyllis convinced she’s helping her and that she’s actually texting an unknown third party, which means both Jack and Phyllis along with Jabot could end up on the losing end of the situation.

The Inquisitr reported that Hunter is on her way out as Kerry, and the actress teased a bombshell storyline for the character’s departure, which appears to be shaping up right now.

Davidson discussed her upcoming return with Soaps In Depth recently, and she had plenty to say about Ashley’s sudden and unexpected return to Genoa City.

The actress revealed, “When Ashley left, she and Jack had some unfinished business, which will be addressed during her visit. It’s always great working with Peter [Bergman, Jack], and I think the fans will really enjoy our scenes. Ashley has been building a new life for herself in Paris, and her family may be surprised to learn what she’s up to!”

Before she left, Ashley orchestrated events that led Jack to believe that John Abbott wasn’t his biological father, and that set off a series of situations where Jack spent much of last year searching for his real dad. It hurt Jack deeply when he found out that Ashley set him up like that. Jack’s identity is based very firmly in the knowledge that he’s John Abbott’s son, so taking that away took away the very essence of Jack.

Davidson teased, “All I can say is Jackie shouldn’t get too comfortable, because you never know when Ashley may pay him a visit!”

The actress brings Ashley back to GC to wreak havoc on her family on Friday, March 29, and Monday, April 1. It sounds like Ashley’s brief visit could mean drama for her family for quite some time following her departure.