‘The Canyons’ Co-Star James Deen Slams James Franco, Paul Schrader

Porn actor and The Canyons co-star had a few choice words for director Paul Schrader and James Franco.

Since production began, rumors have been swirling that there was trouble on the set of Paul Schrader’s thriller. Although many have dished on the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, co-star James Deen has kept his perspective on the subject contained to a handful of interviews.

According to Cinema Blend, apparently the actor has a few things to say about his experience on the flick. Deen recently discussed his experience on the set of the low-budget flick penned by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis.

Deen explained that he and Ellis got along fine during pre-production. While he was nervous during their first meeting, he said the author eventually put him at ease. However, The Canyons director Paul Schrader was a different story altogether.

The porn star said “Paul had no respect for me at first and did not take me seriously as an option for his lead.” Deen, who described the director as a “genius,” explained these problems continued once production began.

He wrote on The Daily Beast:

“There was a time during filming when the cameraman, Brian Taylor, was standing on a bed to film a shot of Lindsay Lohan and me sleeping together. Paul joked, ‘Hey, Brian, if this doesn’t work out maybe you can get James to hire you for one of his movies.” Brian very respectfully giggled. My response was a simple, ‘Yeah, and I’ll pay you better too.’ With that the room filled with laughter, and the old man who mocked adult cinema slunk away.”

As for James Franco, James Deen said the actor is a “d***.” The Canyons co-star said he wasn’t invited to a party thrown by Franco for an art piece Deen was involved with. However, the porn star said he crashed the party with Ellis anyway.

As for Lindsay Lohan:

“”I think Lindsay is amazing, and I don’t have a single negative thing to say about her. She added a level of exposure to this movie that my name alone could never have created.”

Are you looking forward to The Canyons? What do you think about James Deen’s comments regarding Paul Schrader and James Franco?