Ohio Poll Worker Who Admitted To Voting For Obama Twice May Actually Have Cast Six Ballots

An Ohio poll worker who admitted to voting twice for President Barack Obama may actually have cast six ballots for the Democrat. Melowese Richardson noted earlier this month that she cast both an absentee and in-person ballot for President Obama.

Richardson told WCPO-TV that she was afraid her absentee ballot would not be counted and she was not attempting to commit voter fraud. The fact that an Ohio poll worker did not have faith in the voting process may cause concerns for absentee ballot casters in future elections.

Melowese Richardson had this to say about voting more than one for President Obama:

“Yes I voted twice. I, after registering thousands and thousands of people, certainly wanted my vote to count, so I voted. I voted at the polls.”

The long-time Ohio poll worker also noted that she wanted to “fight” for Obama’s “right” to remain the president of the United States. In addition to the two admitted votes, Melowese also sent four other ballots in “similar handwriting” in at the same time. The absentee ballots all reportedly came from her home and one was from her granddaughter. The Ohio poll worker defended the fact that so many votes came from her home.

Richardson stated that one of the men lives with her, another is her brother who stays with her “from time-to-time.” The Ohio elections official also stated that she has a power-of-attorney for one of the voters and cast a ballot in her absence.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted stated that Richardson was successful at having her additional votes counted. During an interview with Fox News, Jon Husted had this to say:

“It appears she not only attempted to vote more than once, but was actually successful at it and having those additional votes counted. She appears to have used her position as a poll worker to cover her tracks. That would be someone who is an official in the elections process, using that position to commit a fraud.”

What do you think about the Ohio poll worker voting more than once?

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