‘Forrest Gump’ Being Remade By Bollywood

Forrest Gump is a classic movie. Tom Hanks brilliantly portrayed the challenged Forrest in the 1994 film, from his friendship with Jenny, his love for his mother, fighting in Vietnam, to honoring his friend by opening his dream business.

The movie won five Oscars — among many other awards — including Best Picture and Best Actor, with Hanks taking home the trophy for the latter. Now, more than two decades after the original film’s initial release, Bollywood has decided it needs to be remade, according to Coming Soon.

The remake will be named Lal Singh Chadha, and while it won’t be a complete remake, it will be based on the original film and book. Indian actor Aamir Khan will be playing the lead role, with Advait Chandan sitting in the director’s chair. Khan’s own production company is producing the film, which is, at this stage, set for release in 2020.

Khan and Chandan have previously worked together on Secret Superstar.

The announcement of the project was strategically scheduled for Thursday, which is Khan’s birthday. They unveiled the new movie at an event in Mumbai.

“We have bought the rights from Paramount,” Khan told reporters. “I have always loved Forrest Gump as a script. It is a wonderful story about this character. It is a life affirming story. It is a feel-good film. It is a film for the whole family.”

According to Khan, filming on the project is scheduled to begin in October this year.

Revealing some minor details of the film, Khan shared that he plans to trim down for the role significantly, hoping to lose around 20 kgs before October when he has to get on camera. As the film will be a Hindi adaptation of the original, fans can expect to see him wearing a turban during some scenes as well. With less than six months to go before filming is set to start, Khan will have to get working on those pounds he wants to lose.

No other casting for the film has been confirmed as yet, with plenty of important roles to fill if the original is anything to go by.

Bollywood has been remaking plenty of Hollywood films lately, but none recently on quite the same level as Forrest Gump. Chef, and Knight and Day are the latest big name remakes by Bollywood, with the latter renamed Bang! Bang! in Bollywood.

The original Forrest Gump was based on the novel by the same name, written by Winston Groom.

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