March 14, 2019
'Full House' Episode Comes Back To Haunt Lori Loughlin Amid Her Arrest In College Admissions Scandal

A classic episode of Full House is coming back to haunt Lori Loughlin. The actress, who played Aunt Becky on the ABC sitcom from 1988 to 1995 and then reprised the role on the Netflix reboot as recently as last year, is making headlines for her involvement in a massive college admissions fraud scheme. But more than 25 years ago, Loughlin's Full House character handled a similar admissions temptation in a much different way.

Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were arrested earlier this week after allegedly paying $500,000 to have their daughters, Isabella and Olivia Jade, pitched to University of Southern California as crew team recruits. The girls' admission to the school came despite the fact that neither girl competed on the rowing team, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. Loughlin and Giannulli were released on $1 million bond and will appear for arraignment in a Boston courthouse on March 29.

But in 1993, Lori Loughlin's Full House character resisted the temptation to cheat the system in order to get her twin sons into a prestigious preschool, according to The Los Angeles Times.

In the Season 6 Full House episode "Be True to Your Preschool," which originally aired in January 1993, Loughlin's Aunt Becky and John Stamos' Uncle Jesse faced pressure to get their twin boys, Nicky and Alex (Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit), into an elite preschool after a fellow preschool parent advised the couple, "If you put your kid on the right track now, he's going to be on the fast track for life."

In the classic episode, Stamos' character embellished his boys' application and joked about how if their father won't lie for them, who will? He later warned his wife, played by Loughlin, to back him during the twins' admissions interview.

In the memorable scene, Jesse claimed to be a diplomat and bragged about his sons' bilingual language skills and prowess at playing multiple musical instruments. But Loughlin's Becky drew the line at being called Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador and later took the honest route by telling the school officials her sons were really just normal toddlers.

While Becky and Jesse's "honesty" later earned their sons admission to the ritzy preschool, they decided to hold their kids back from "the fast track." Loughlin's beloved Full House character later said that when it was time for her boys to go to preschool they would "find the right one and … do everything we can to encourage them."

In real life, Lori Loughlin allegedly got her daughters into USC the dishonest way. And sadly, the fast track wasn't what one of them even wanted. Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade, already a top beauty influencer on YouTube, was caught saying she doesn't really care about school and was only looking forward to parties and game days at USC. She later apologized.

You can see Lori Loughlin in a clip from the Full House "Be True to Your Preschool" episode below.