Rich The Kid Sued Over A Prank

Nicholas Hunt Getty Images

Recently, Rich the Kid decided to perform a prank on the attorney of his previous landlord. That same landlord had already filed charges against Rich the Kid for a large amount of back rent he still owes her. So, now, Rich the Kid’s managed to collect one more legal woe, since his former landlord is not only suing him over the money he owes her, but now her attorney is also now suing him over the prank.

The saga of Rich the Kid’s legal woes started when Haikuhe Chichyan, Rich’s landlord, filed a lawsuit against him in January for violating the rental agreement the two had between them. According to the court documents, Chichyan states that Rich the Kid stopped paying rent he owed her on a Hollywood Hills mansion. The two had a contractual agreement together, and Rich the Kid was to pay $22,500 a month to Chichyan to rent out the mansion starting in December 2018. Apparently, Rich the Kid had signed a six-month lease agreement to rent the house.

Currently, the overdue rent totals over $32,000, according to Bossip. Rich the Kid stopped making his rent payments sometime before January, which is why Chichyan decided to sue him. According to Chichyan, Rich the Kid has not paid any rent since December 2018. The total amount Rich owes stands around $32,376, which includes a $2,500 late fee and $7,376 in utilities.

Rich the Kid recently responded to the ordeal with his former landlord by playing a joke on his former landlord’s attorney. The attorney, Maro Burunsuzyan, filed a lawsuit against Rich the Kid alleging that Rich posted her phone number on his social media. Rich the Kid apparently posted the phone number on Valentine’s Day asking for people to call him. However, instead of posting his number, Rich the Kid posted Burunsuzyan’s personal cell number, according to TMZ.

The social media posts of the attorney’s number meant Maro got hundreds of phone calls and over 500 text messages from Rich the Kid’s fans, who thought they were reaching out to the rapper. Maro assumes that Rich the Kid pulled the joke on her because she’s been trying to collect the outstanding rent he owes her client, Chichyan. Since Rich the Kid moved out of the house in January, he’s been dodging Maro and giving her the runaround. Maro feels the incident started on Valentine’s Day because she told Rich it was clear he had no intentions of ever paying, so they were done talking. After she said that to him, he posted her number on his social media, and instigated the harassment.