‘MAFS’ Star Cyrell Paule Unleashes At Her Co-Star, Jessika Power

Cooper NeillGetty Images

On Wednesday night, the Married at First Sight cast witnessed an explosive argument. Cyrell Paule, a 29-year old bride and a star of the show, became enraged with her co-star Jessika Power, 27. Once Paule felt she had made her point and finished her argument with Power, Paule then addressed the entire group from the show while they were enjoying a dinner party together.

Paule had apparently been upset with Power for some time, going back to the previous week’s dinner party because of some comments Paule said Power had made to her. During this week’s dinner party, Paule could no longer hold her tongue and blurted out the comment she claims Power made about Dan [Webb].

“I’m just going to say it, at the last dinner party Jess turned around and said wanted to sleep with Dan [Webb],” Paule said to the group at the dinner party, according to The Daily Mail.

Prior to dropping that bit of news in front of the entire group, Paule did attempt to ask Power about some of the comments she made last week, which Paule felt was inappropriate. Paule did question Power earlier in the episode and wanted to know why Power would keep her marriage with Mick Gould going if Power was willing to make so many comments about Webb.

“Mick is my friend and it’s tiring having to watch him go through that pain. She is not in love with Mick, so why is she keeping him here?” Paule said before confronting Power, according to The Daily Mail.

She may have ulterior motives, but does she realize that she is hurting another human being’s heart? If there’s one person you don’t want to lie to, that’s me.”

Power, for her part, did defend herself and told Paule she did not want to have the conversation in front of the group. Power did not appreciate the accusations or being told she was participating in the show for the wrong reasons. Power did try to leave the heated conversation at a few points, but Paule continued to yell at her and pushed the accusation that Power wanted to sleep with Webb, although Power kept denying the claim. Power did finally manage to storm off and exit the conversation. After that, Paule started informing the entire dinner party about the exchange she had last week with Power.

Eventually, Webb’s wife, Tamara, also confronted Power about Paule’s accusations. While Power denied wanting to have anything to do with Webb, Tamara also did not believe Power.

“She was speaking words, but she didn’t really mean these words,” Tamara said about Power, according to The Daily Mail.