Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital: Andre Returns And Anna Has Big Questions

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will bring an essential conversation that has fans feeling anxious. Anna wants to know definitively whether she has some of her twin sister Alex’s memories or not and it looks like she might get some answers. Dr. Andre Maddox is about to pop up and it sounds as if he’ll provide some key information.

According to SheKnows Soaps, actor Anthony Montgomery was moved to recurring status in 2017, but he was last seen on General Hospital about a year ago when his character of Andre was released from prison. At that time, he warned Drew about the risks of trying to regain his old memories. Now, Montgomery is reprising his role of Andre again this week.

Anna was immediately concerned when she learned of Dr. Cabot’s work in transferring memories between twins. She questioned whether the project might have been successful in transferring some of Alex’s memories to Anna and Cabot wouldn’t give her any definitive information.

Soon after that initial revelation, Anna reached out to Andre. The two used to be on very good terms, but his involvement in the Jason and Drew memory transfer led to Maddox’s departure from Port Charles. The sneak peek shared at the end of Wednesday’s episode teased that Anna will finally get to talk to Andre face-to-face to discuss this Alex situation.

Soap Central shares a couple of General Hospital spoilers related to Anna for this week. They note that Anna will have an unexpected visitor, but it sounds as if that may come after she meets with Andre. In addition, she will apparently be disappointed to hear whatever it is that Maddox shares with her.

Fans have been speculating for quite some time now that Anna would eventually learn that Alex is Peter’s biological mother. Viewers have been frustrated since this storyline twist came about, feeling that having Anna as Peter’s mother significantly rewrites key parts of the character’s history.

It’s not known yet whether this storyline will lead to the revelation that Alex gave birth to Peter and Anna got those memories transplanted to her. However, it does seem like that may be where things are headed. As for General Hospital spoilers suggesting that she’ll be disappointed by whatever Maddox shares, it may be that he simply doesn’t have much to tell her or won’t, rather than there being a bombshell revelation on the way.

General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed too much more about what comes next with this storyline. Will viewers be vindicated by having Alex be Peter’s mother? Could Alex be the surprise visitor coming later this week? Fans will be curious to see just what Andre reveals so they can get a sense of where this is headed next.

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