The NWO And Former WWE Stars Are Going To Appear On The Next Chris Jericho Wrestling Cruise

The very first Chris Jericho Rock ‘n Wrestling Rager at Sea was a smashing success and sort of paved the way for a lot of things to take place. Not only were fans able to enjoy a great sailing on a cruise, but they were able to see some fantastic wrestling matches and meet some of their favorite stars. The next one is set for January and it already has a great talent list which includes members of the N-W-O.

The very first cruise was back in October and just a couple months later, Jericho revealed there would be another in January 2020. Not long after that, Jericho also revealed that he was signing with the brand new All Elite Wrestling promotion and that he was not returning to WWE.

Not being in a deal to WWE allows him to do a number of other projects that he may not have been able to do while under contract to Vince McMahon. That’s one of the many reasons he is with AEW and it’s why he has another wrestling cruise already being put together for next year.

When looking at the official page for the Chris Jericho Cruise, a number of big name talents have already been announced. of course, Jericho is on there but so are some past stars from WWE, WCW, and the nWo.

Of course, the “Master of Ceremonies” will be none other than Chris Jericho and All Elite Wrestling. The special guest cruise director is none other than Vickie Guerrero who is the widow of Eddie Guerrero and is former General Manager in WWE.

There will be music from Fozzy, Rubin Kube, and Farewell To Fear with comedy from Bruce Jingles. There are many others to be announced, but wrestling fans are going to be overly interested in some of the names who have been announced.

Former nWo members Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman are all going to be on board. WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts will be there as will former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. That’s quite a huge list of wrestling talent for the cruise and none of the matches have even been announced yet.

Chris Jericho’s departure from WWE has honestly given him a lot more freedom to do other projects while remaining active in the ring. His second ever wrestling cruise is likely going to be as successful as the first, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have stars such as DDP, Jake the Snake, and the nWo appearing on it as well.