Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood Open Up About His Relationship With Her Family, Especially Dad Matt

The Bachelor fans have had a lot to say about contestant Cassie Randolph’s dad Matt, especially after he traveled to Portugal ahead of her decision to walk away from beau Colton Underwood. Now that Colton and Cassie have revealed they’re very much together and in love, fans wonder what the Randolph family thinks of Underwood.

During their finale, Cassie said that her dad loves Colton. Now, she’s opening up a bit more about where things stand. Randolph told ET Online that really, Colton and her dad Matt always got along despite her father’s reservations about their relationship and a possible engagement.

Underwood adds that there was something significant the series didn’t show after he asked for Matt’s blessing for an engagement. While Randolph told Underwood no on blessing a proposal, Colton says that Matt did give him permission to keep dating Cassie.

“Obviously, that is not exactly what I wanted to hear, but at least [it] gave me the promise like, ‘Hey, all right, we had a good conversation. I see where you are coming from, I respect your decision, I respect you as a father.'”

Cassie adds that her dad is very supportive of the couple and loves both of them a lot. Colton told People that he has a lot of respect for Matt and in looking back understands his thinking in not giving his blessing.

“Of course, I wanted to hear a yes, but the fact that he stood true to himself showed me all I needed to know about him as a man.”

Once Cassie and Colton reunited in Portugal, Underwood told her father that he felt Randolph was worth all of it. The Bachelor star says that his relationship with her entire family is getting stronger by the day and she added that they love him.

Viewers watched Tuesday night’s The Bachelor finale as Colton’s extended family met Cassie in Mallorca and got caught up on all that had transpired between them. It was clear that they had some worries and reservations too at that point, but it sounds as if everybody is very supportive of Cassie and Colton’s current relationship as it stands now.

Now that Colton Underwood is living in Los Angeles and spending time daily with Cassie Randolph, it’s clear that he’s spent a lot of time with her parents and siblings. The Bachelor stars seem to be doing great at this point and fans will be anxious to see how things progress in their relationship.