Luke Perry’s Death Certificate Revealed

Luke Perry’s death certificate has been revealed, per TMZ. The late actor’s cause of death was listed as an “ischemic cerebrovascular incident,” which is the technical term for a stroke.

Perry, 52, passed away one week after suffering the massive stroke. Us Weekly revealed that his family — including his ex-wife, Rachel “Minnie” Sharp, and fiancee, Wendy Madison Bauer — had to make the difficult decision to take the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum off of life support.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Perry and Bauer were set to be married over the summer. The duo, who were infamously private about their relationship, sent out “save the date” cards which expressed that a formal invitation would follow. Perry and Bauer were to be married on August 19 in Los Angeles.

Bauer released a statement to People expressing her gratitude for the support she has received since his passing, and said that the countless stories of the generosity and kindness that Perry shared with his coworkers and fans has been a great “solace” to her.

“The past 11 and a half years with Luke were the happiest years of my life, and I am grateful to have had that time with him. I also want to thank his children, family, and friends for their love and support. We have found comfort in one another and in the knowledge that our lives were touched by an extraordinary man. He will be dearly missed.”

The death certificate further revealed that Perry’s body has been laid to rest in Dixon, Tennessee, following a funeral that took place on March 11. TMZ shared that Perry was a part-time resident of Tennessee, and that he bought a farm in the area in 1995.

Condolences for the family — and for the late actor — have since come pouring in from Perry’s former costars, as well as from fans across the world. Perry’s Beverly Hills, 90210 costar, Shannen Doherty, has shared a handful of throwback photos featuring their time on-set together. She opened up about how the two lost touch following the series’ conclusion, but also about how they had reunited after Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Some of Perry’s Riverdale costars have chimed in as well, with Cole Sprouse saying that the series had some ideas in mind as to how to honor the actor’s legacy and time on the show. Sprouse also said that they had planned on dedicating a few of the episodes to their beloved costar.

“He was very well loved. I mean, the whole world is mourning his passing. But, he was one of those guys that would rather have us all laughing about his great stories than mourning for too long,” Sprouse added.