Jacob Wohl May Have Filed A False Police Report

Jacob Wohl is the Trump-supporting social media personality who is perhaps best known for a stunt last October when he was caught concocting an elaborate ruse to frame special counsel Robert Mueller for sexual assault, per Business Insider.

Also known for effusive praise of the president and for repeatedly claiming that he overheard people in a “hipster coffee shop” praising Trump – at least before he was permanently banned from Twitter – Wohl may find himself in trouble for a more recent stunt.

Wohl, along with fellow right-wing journalist and Twitter exile Laura Loomer, recently visited the Minneapolis area, where they pushed conspiracy theories about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, claimed that they were in physical danger from the area’s Muslim community, and reportedly stated that the city of Minneapolis has “sharia police” and “no-go zones.” To much mockery, Wohl also frequently referenced both a large camera crew and security forces, who were always just off camera.

Now, following the release of a documentary about that Minneapolis visit, a local journalist appears to have caught Wohl committing what may be a crime.

According to the Twitter account of Minneapolis reporter Tony Webster, the documentary contains a screenshot of a tweet that Wohl claims was a death threat that he received while visiting Minneapolis. However, Webster noticed that the avatar in the photo is the same one that Wohl used in a previously made fake account, suggesting that the death threat was not legitimate.

The supposed fake account for “Drake Holmes” spelled “Holmes” wrong in its Twitter handle, as first pointed out by NBC News’ Ben Collins. It was this fake account that led to Wohl’s permanent Twitter banishment in February. It recalled Wohl’s Mueller gambit, in which he created a bogus intelligence firm called “Surefire Intelligence” and gave the company a phone number that traced back to his mother’s cell phone.

Wohl admitted in a USA Today interview, shortly before the banishment, that he was planning to create fake Twitter accounts to manipulate the Democratic primaries in 2020.

Also, in the online documentary, Wohl is shown filing a police report in connection with the “threat,” and the Minneapolis Police Department told Webster that Wohl really did file the report and that the police department recorded their interactions with Wohl.

As demonstrated by the recent Jussie Smollett incident, filing a false police report is the sort of thing that can get someone in a lot of trouble.

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