One Direction Releases New Track, Working On New Album?

One Direction Releases New Track, Working On New Album

One Direction has released one new tune called One Way Or Another, which will be available in video form. In addition, One Direction just had a recording session with producer Julian Bunetta, which might mean a new One Direction album might be coming soon-ish.

One Direction has a new tour and summer 3D movie in 2013, but there’s other project the boy band is working on. Wearing red noses, the fivesome are helping a charity mission for Africa for UK charity Comic Relief, which runs the annual Red Nose Day fundraiser. All sales will go to people in Africa affected by the famine.

According to MTV News, producer Julian Bunetta says Simon Cowell came up with the idea for the new track One Way Or Another which is a cover for Blondie:

“It was Simon Cowell that came up with the idea and because obviously it’s a really cheeky song and it’s very fun and also it was very unexpected. And I think that he wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary that people wouldn’t expect. And, it obviously is fun and that works with the whole Comic Relief thing and the whole Comic Relief idea.”

The new One Direction track has already been leaked onto the internet, but band members are asking fans to purchase the track since proceeds go to the Comic Relief charity.

One Direction producer Julian Bunetta has worked with the boy band on previous album tracks, including the One Way Or Another track. One Direction reportedly was in the recording booth according to MTV News:

“I was just with them last week in London — hanging out, working on a few new things. So that’ll be fun. I can’t really say, but it’s gonna be pretty cool. I mean it’s just… I mean obviously we’re working on new music but they didn’t say what the new music is for. It might be for nothing. It might only be for my ears … or, it might be something that gets put out for the world to hear. I could just rent my ears out.”

Will you purchase One Direction’s new track to support the African charity?