‘We Are Headed To Impeachment,’ Says Former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager

David Bossie, former deputy campaign manager for President Donald Trump, discussed the strong possibly that Democratic lawmakers will soon make a move to impeach the president, he said on ABC News’ podcast The Investigation on Tuesday, according to The Hill.

During the interview, Bossie was asked whether he thought the White House was prepared for a possible advance of investigations from House Democrats, to which the former campaign manager responded that it appears that Congress is indeed headed in that direction.

“I see that’s where these Democrats are headed,” said Bossie, who remains part of Trump’s inner circle, according to the report. “We are headed to impeachment.”

Bossie further responded that the White House is most likely not ready to face impeachment proceedings, emphasizing that no government ever really is, the report details.

“So do I think the White House is ready? From a staff standpoint — I would say no, today,” he added. “Do I believe they are in the process of getting ready? Yes.”

Bossie’s comments come after he spoke with Republican House minority leaders, which led him to conclude that the possibility is very much within the realm of reality, the report continued. The former Trump campaign official believes the lawmakers should get a “bigger staff and a bigger budget” as a way to prepare for potential investigations, according to The Hill.

The prospect of impeachment proceedings became a clearer threat after Democrats retook the majority in Congress in the November election. Even before the midterm elections, Trump had already addressed the possibility of impeachment during a rally in Montana in September, as he urged citizens to go out and vote for Republican candidates, as The Inquisitr noted at the time.

“This election, you aren’t just voting for a candidate, you are voting for which party controls Congress,” he said, as reported by CNN at the time. “Very important thing. Very important thing. They like to use the impeach word. ‘Impeach Trump!’… ‘But he didn’t do anything wrong.’ ‘It doesn’t matter. We will impeach him. We will impeach.'”

However, even House Democratic leaders are divided in their opinion regarding the possibility of opening impeachment proceedings against Trump, as The Hill reported. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told The Washington Post earlier this week that Trump was “not worth it,” according to the report.

Pelosi went on to say that Democrats should not go down the impeachment path unless there is a bipartisan reason to do so because of how divisive the ordeal would be to the country, the report further detailed.

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