‘Bachelor’ Finale Spoilers: Actor David Spade Posts & Quickly Deletes Key Tidbits From Colton’s Last Episode

While fans are busy speculating about what will happen Tuesday night during The Bachelor finale — particularly concerning the relationship between Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph — some spoilers have emerged. A lot of spoiler fans thought they knew what to expect, but now it would seem that a fair number of details are up in the air. Apparently, actor David Spade gets to see advance copies of the episodes, and he made a mistake in sharing some tidbits via his social media page before realizing his error, deleting them.

David Spade has been sharing his personal commentary on Colton’s Bachelor season regularly. His Instagram Stories have included some tidbits from Monday’s episode, but some fans realized that he had also added some scenes from Tuesday’s finale to his page a little too soon. He reportedly deleted them quickly, but not before some fans got a chance to check it out.

Warning! The clips Spade shared contain a lot of expletives as he comments on what he’s watching, and potential viewers of his content should be aware of this fact.

The Bach and Bachette Fans site started buzzing about this slip-up, and the Instagram account @bachelor.spoilers snagged a video of Spade’s clips before they were deleted. The clips shared via their Instagram page confirm a few details that fans had been speculating about across social media.

For example, Bachelor spoilers from earlier previews had shown Cassie wearing a black dress that looked pretty formal, but she wasn’t seen in that ensemble yet this season. Based on what Spade shared, viewers will see her in that dress on Tuesday night.

In addition, it appears that Colton does catch up with Cassie at that hotel in Portugal, and the two spend a lot of time together talking. Cassie is wearing the same white sweater and jeans that she was wearing while she packed, and Colton is wearing the shirt he had on when he went to the hotel.

Cassie appears to wear the black dress in question as she’s having dinner with Colton, and some have speculated that they might get another chance to do an overnight date. In another part of Tuesday’s show, Randolph is wearing a blue or black dress as she meets Colton’s extended family.

Based on a spoiler clip highlighted earlier by The Inquisitr, it becomes clear that Colton’s heartfelt talk with his dad comes in conjunction with Cassie meeting with the extended family. Some fans have become quite convinced that all of this will actually take place in Mallorca, Spain, where the final rose ceremony was slated to film.

There has been a fair amount of speculation swirling about how this season ends, and about how gossip king Reality Steve might be wrong. However, little was confirmed until Colton knocked on that hotel room door at the end of Monday’s show. Now, between David Spade’s deleted Instagram clips and analysis of other previews, some clarity seems to be emerging.

Ultimately, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers stated that Cassie would get cold feet and quit the show. After that, Colton would eliminate his other two women and ask Cassie for another chance. The two are supposedly dating now, but are reportedly not engaged. While Reality Steve seems to have been unable to accurately pin down a few details about how Randolph and Underwood get to this stage, the general pieces of the puzzle seem to be relatively accurate.

Where will things stand as Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph appear live during Tuesday’s Bachelor finale? How do they go from being split up to happily being together — and can they get both of their families on-board with this romance? Fans cannot wait to watch Tuesday’s final episode to see how all of this ultimately fits together.

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