Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Colton Meets With His Dad, Mr. Underwood Has Some Worries

There are a lot of unknowns about what will go down during Colton Underwood’s Bachelor finale Tuesday night, but some fresh spoilers are emerging heading into this last show. Colton has previously shared that he’ll have an important talk with his father before everything wraps and a new sneak peek of that has emerged.

E! News shares the sneak peek showing Colton and his dad getting emotional as they talk about this experience. Colton’s dad Scott will get teary as he talks about how much he has worried about his son’s heart. He will say that he knows what his son looks like when he’s in love, and he knows how Colton looks when his heart has been broken.

Colton’s dad will also ask an important question that many Bachelor fans have asked, too. Mr. Underwood will wonder whether any part of Colton wanting to reunite with Cassie Randolph is primarily about wanting what he can’t have. Everybody will have to tune in Tuesday night to see how Underwood answers that question, but spoilers suggest he’ll remain committed to reuniting with Cassie.

It’s not known at this point exactly when this discussion happens. As The Inquisitr shared previously, Colton has detailed that in-depth talks with both host Chris Harrison and his dad helped him gain clarity after Cassie’s departure. That had made it sound as if the Underwood men talk after Randolph heads home, but that may not be the case.

Based on how Monday’s episode ended, it looks as if Colton and Cassie will talk as Tuesday’s show begins. While it’s not known for certain how things play out from there, it would appear that Colton then gets to talk with his dad after that initial reunion and as emotions from Cassie dumping him are still running high.

If The Bachelor spoilers that are swirling around are correct, Colton and Cassie will successfully reunite. Underwood made it clear that his dad’s talk was immensely helpful to him, but the clip definitely gives the impression that Colton has his mind pretty set on sticking with Cassie at this point.

Will Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have happy updates to share with fans toward the end of Tuesday night’s The Bachelor finale? Spoilers have signaled that they are together now, although perhaps not engaged. There has been a lot of buzz about where some previous spoilers might be slightly off and fans will be eager to see how everything comes together during these final two hours of the season.

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