Courteney Cox Shows Off Daughter Coco Arquette’s Amazing Singing Skills In Duet With Snow Patrol

At just 14-years-old, Coco Arquette has got some amazing signing chops!

Yesterday, Courteney Cox took to her Instagram account to share a video of her daughter showing off her angelic singing voice with a big-name band. Arquette was lucky enough to take the stage alongside Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody to sing the band’s hit song “Chasing Cars.” The video starts off with Lightbody signing the first verse before Coco takes the mic. The two then sing the chorus together, and it sounds like it could be a professional version of the song.

Coco looks a little timid at first but seems to get a little more comfortable as the song goes on. The 14-year-old can be seen rocking her long, dark locks down and straight as she pairs a crop top with a pair of high-waisted denim jeans.

It comes as no shock that the video has earned the Friends star a lot of attention from her Instagram followers with over 379,000 views, in addition to 1,200-plus comments. Some followers took to the post to comment on how amazing Coco’s singing voice is, while countless others thanked Courteney for sharing the clip for the world to see.

“She looks just like her mom. Beautiful voice,” one follower wrote.

“Coco’s voice is beautiful!!! You must be such a proud mom!!!!,” another follower wrote.

“We are so grateful to have Gary and Coco!!!!”

It’s good to see that Courteney and her family are having such a great time following the scary ordeal that she encountered earlier this year. As The Inquisitr reported, Jennifer Aniston chartered a private plane for herself, Cox, and a few other friends to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to celebrate Aniston’s 50th birthday.

The flight took off from the Los Angeles International Airport and once it was in the air, it was determined that there a wheel that was lost during takeoff. Pilots then determined that it was not safe to continue to Mexico, so they turned back around and headed to Ontario, California, where they burned off fuel for a few hours before making an emergency landing.

Luckily, no one was injured and the group was still able to get another plane and continue on to Cabo, but Cox still admitted that she was a little bit shaken up over the whole thing.

“I’m not afraid of flying at all… my dad was a pilot… but I was really scared, because when we were taking off, we heard this really loud bang and I was like, ‘Oh, that sounds like we should probably check that tire,'” Courteney recalled.

Thankfully, all is okay, but it was still a scary ordeal nonetheless.