Bradley Cooper Not Forced To Choose Between Lady Gaga & Irina Shayk

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s relationship has been making headlines over the past month, especially after their steamy performance at the 2019 Academy Awards. However, is it causing problems between the actor and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk?

According to Gossip Cop, the rumors that Irina Shayk is forcing Bradley Cooper to choose between her and Lady Gaga are simply not true. Reports have surfaced claiming that Irina, a Russian model, has gotten fed up with Bradley and Gaga’s relationship and is giving the A Star is Born actor an ultimatum.

Irina allegedly wanted Bradley to choose between his relationship with her and his friendship with Gaga. However, the outlet says that their sources reveal the gossip is completely false, and that there is no bad blood between Irina and Gaga.

The proof comes in the behavior of the trio during the Oscars last month. Although Cooper and Gaga shared a very intimate performance of “Shallow,” Shayk was seemingly unfazed by the scene and even gave the duo a standing ovation at the end of the song.

Irina then kissed and hugged Bradley when he came off stage and was later seen giving Gaga a big hug after she won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

After the Academy Awards, Lady Gaga was asked about the romantic performance with Bradley Cooper, saying that fans “saw love” between them because that is what they wanted people to see while they were performing a love song.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Cooper and Gaga have not been seen together since the Oscars, but Bradley has been spotted with Irina multiple times. The couple, who share one daughter together, have been seen having family time and seemingly putting awards season behind them.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gaga and Cooper loved working together in A Star Is Born so much that they have spoken out about possibly doing a second film together.

Cooper says that he would work with the singer again if he could find a part that was worthy of her talent.

Meanwhile, Gaga would also be happy to work with her former co-star and director again.

“Bradley, I am convinced, will be making many future films and brilliant ones. I would, of course, be very happy and lucky to be working with him again. But, you know, the truth is, he’s my friend and I want him to create the art and cast the actresses and cast the cast the way that he wants,” the singer stated back in January, according to Deadline.

It seems that if Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were to work together again in the future, that should help rumors of Irina Shayk’s disapproval fade away.

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