‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Reportedly Says His Parents Are Becoming ‘Overbearing’ With Grandson Elijah

Noah Brown and his wife Rhain are finding that trying to raise their child Elijah around the Brown family is becoming a stressful experience.

According to a report by Radar Online, a source close to the Browns told reporters that Ami Brown, the matriarch of the family, is getting a little too involved in how Elijah is being raised.

“Ami is trying to tell Rhain how she parented because it is important for Ami to be able to have that connection with her first grandson,” says the source about Ami’s attempts to co-parent.

The patriarch of the family, Billy Brown, isn’t any better. The source claims that he’s been pestering Noah about getting Elijah more involved in the show, which is causing stress for Noah who hasn’t decided just how much he wants his son to be exposed on television.

The source told reporters that because of Ami and Billy’s dominating behavior, Noah feels they are “a bit overbearing right now and he just kind of wants some space for a minute.”

“He just wants everyone to chill.”

As covered previously by Inquisitr, the members of the Brown family were thrilled at the news of Noah and Rhain having a baby boy.

Even Rain, who had mixed feelings toward Noah’s new wife Rhain, found herself excited at the prospect of becoming an aunt and set aside her past feelings to be more involved.

At first, the news that Noah was bringing Rhain, an outsider, into the wolf pack caused ruffles among the family and they struggled to accept her.

The Brown Family.

With the birth of Elijah, many bridges were mended and everyone became more receptive of Rhain. Noah was able to mend his relationship with his father Billy by going to him for fatherly advice. Ami was ecstatic to hear she was becoming a grandmother and everything was looking positive.

Now if the source is to be believed, it seems there’s a little bit of a power struggle as members of the Brown family are vying to be the Alpha in Elijah’s life.

While fans won’t get too much of an insight into what’s going on this season, perhaps more news will come out regarding the family drama that surrounds the newest member and next year’s episodes will see Noah and Rhain’s struggles to raise a child under overbearing conditions.

Assuming, of course, that Noah feels comfortable exposing his newborn son to reality television for the whole world to see.