Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit Could Star In ‘The Stooge’ Remake

Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit might be joining forces for the proposed animated remake of the classic comedy The Stooge.

Although there has been talk of a Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel for years, nothing has ever come to fruition. However, fans of the wacky rabbit may get a chance to see him on the big screen once again in the near future.

According to Cinema Blend, Disney is interested in having Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit star in a remake of the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis classic The Stooge. However, instead of a straightforward retelling of the story, the studio would transform the movie into a musical buddy picture.

Roger Rabbit mastermind Gary K. Wolf told Ain’t It Cool News:

“This is a co-star pairing made in cartoon heaven. Two iconic cartoon characters playing off one another in a story that has the heart and emotional soul of films like ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Toy Story.’ What Disney fan wouldn’t want to see that?”

Slash Film explains that many were wondering if the pairing of Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit for the Stooge remake was wishful thinking. However, Wolf seemed positive that project was actually moving forward.

He added:

“he Stooge is a real development proposal for a Disney/Pixar movie. It has the same title as the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film and some of the same plot elements, but it’s not a remake. The storyline in this Stooge is quite different.

“This movie, which will be all animated, has nothing to do with the sequel to ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit.’ They are totally different concepts and projects. It’s not a case of making one instead of the other. In an ideal, rabbit-centric world, Disney will make both.”

The Inquisitr reported last year that Who Framed Roger Rabbit director Robert Zemeckis is interested in making a sequel to the classic live action-animation hybrid. He also said he was happy with the script for the follow-up, which was penned by the original writers.

What do you think about the proposed remake of The Stooge starring Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit? Do you think the film will ever come together?

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