1938 Mickey Mouse Sketch Discovered By Disney

A 1938 Mickey Mouse sketch was recently discovered in the Disney archives.

According to the Slideshow, the sketch is from an incomplete cartoon called Mickey’s Toothache.”

The sketch was created to make Mickey a more developed character. According to Becky Cline, the Director of the Disney Archive, Mickey travels to the dentist and has too much laughing gas during Mickey’s Toothache. He then enters a “nightmarish world inhabited by living teeth, dental floss, a psychotic dentist’s chair and a vengeful pair of dental pliers.”

Cline said:

“Mickey has been a superstar from almost the beginning. He was immediately popular… By 1938, he was just about to step into a finished version of himself. He was boyish and impish. During this period of his growth he became larger than life in some ways.”

Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 and went through various changes until he became the famous Disney character we know today. He made his official debut in Steamboat Willie and has gone on to star in hundreds of Disney movies.

And when Mickey isn’t particularly involved in a movie, his signature three circle face frequently shows up.

Mickey Mouse has also had various sidekicks over the years. Some remain in the Disney archives while others have had new life breathed into them. Last year, Disney unveiled the Epic Mickey sequel which co-starred Oswalt the Lucky Rabbit.

The 1938 Mickey mouse sketch features Mickey’s old nemesis. Pete. Pete also appeared in one of Mickey’s first cartoons, Steamboat Willie.

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