Man Caught With $13,000 Worth Of Pins And Other Stolen Disneyland Merchandise In His Car

There are people who like Disney and people who love Disney, but some fans may take things a bit too far. Last week, a man was pulled over while driving in California, and was found to have plenty of illegal items in his car — which resulted in his arrest. While some of the things he had in his possession were more illegal than others, the $13,000 in stolen Disneyland pins and associated merchandise were a bit excessive.

When putting things into perspective, Disney pins usually start at $8.99 and can go for much more. Fox News reports that the amount stolen was “more than $10,000,” but other reports list the total as being over $13,000.

On Friday, the California Highway Patrol pulled over a man who drove past a school bus that had its stop sign displayed and its red light flashing. The person’s identity was not revealed, but the simple traffic stop turned into much more once they learned that the driver’s license was suspended.

At that point, the police searched his Nissan Sentra and found numerous items which got him into much more trouble. Not only did they find drugs in his vehicle, but they found a large quantity of stolen Disneyland merchandise spread throughout the car.

The man is from Rosamond, California which is around 108 miles in driving distance from Disneyland in Anaheim. The police are not entirely sure how he managed to make it out of the parks or the Downtown Disney shopping district with so many stolen items.

The man was arrested and booked into the Kern County Jail, but it is not yet known how much time he will get. The items stolen from Disneyland Resort will be returned to “the happiest place on earth,” as reported by the California Highway Patrol.

Of course, according to them, Disneyland may be the “second happiest” — because the California Highway Patrol Academy is truly the happiest place on earth.

Pin trading is a huge market for The Walt Disney Company, as they make millions on the sale of these collectibles every single year. New pins are released almost every few weeks, and can represent parks, characters, rides, movies, and much more.

If you’re walking through a Disney Park, you’re likely going to see someone purchasing, wearing, and trading pins. There are even special pin trading events put on by Disney, where thousands gather to showcase their collections and to make deals. The man who had $13,000 in stolen pins and Disneyland merchandise was likely looking to make a decent profit by reselling the items, but the California Highway Patrol put a stop to his plans.

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