March 11, 2019
Khloe Kardashian Will Reportedly Seek Full Custody Of True, Per 'Hollywood Life'

With the ongoing drama between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson following the NBA star's latest cheating scandal, Kardashian will reportedly seek full custody of her daughter that she shares with Thompson -- 10-month-old True. An insider close to the Kardashian family told Hollywood Life that Thompson's hectic work schedule, along with his "lack of interest" in seeing his child, will be Kardashian's driving force during any custody battle.

"Given Tristan's lack of interest in seeing True, Khloe is not worried at all that she'll have full custody of True, which is of course what she wants. Tristan also travels a ton, which Khloe feels is not in True's best interest," the source shared.

Thompson also feels that Kardashian can give True a more stable life, and has no interest in battling it out with his ex-girlfriend. Instead, he would like to attempt to co-parent peacefully, and he has "every intention" of being a good father to his daughter.

The insider also shared that while Thompson may have those good intentions, he hasn't attempted to see True since the scandal involving Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods, came to light. The Keeping Up with The Kardashians starlet does not plan to move around her schedule so that the NBA star can spend time with True, and she wishes that Thompson would make a more genuine attempt to spend time with his daughter.

"Tristan also hasn't asked to see True, and Khloe feels so sad for True because of this. She really wishes Tristan would step it up, physically."
Hollywood Life further shared that Kardashian is growing increasingly upset at Thompson for spending time with other women, as he has been spotted having dinners with model Karizma Ramirez while in New York. Though Ramirez insists that the duo are just friends, and that nothing romantic is going on between the two of them, Kardashian has been sharing cryptic quotes to her social media that express how upset she has been over the whole ordeal.

"Maybe we held on a little too long to the people who didn't deserve us because we had more good in our heart than they did," the reality star shared on Instagram late last week.

Despite the rumors and the ongoing speculation surrounding the former couple, Kardashian continues to share adorable updates of True -- including some snaps of the sunglasses-clad baby rolling around on a sandy beach. True wore a pink tutu and a red, long-sleeved top decorated with a pink heart. She smiled while she played in the sand. Kardashian also shared a sweet video of True giving her mother some early morning kisses through the bars of her crib early last week, and fans went wild over the update -- watching the video over 11 million times.