Twitter Reduces Tweet Length: Some Now 117 Characters

New Twitter changes force shorter tweets

Twitter has reduced tweet length for tweets that contain links in changes that come into effect this Wednesday.

Twitter first made the announcement that they would be reducing the length of tweets with links last December. Mashable reported any tweet that contained an https link would have a shorter 117 character limit while any tweet containing a URL would be limited to 118 characters.

What this means for the average Twitter user is that any tweet that contains a link will now have less space for a customized comment or accompanying title.

Techglimpse explains the reason for the switch is due to a change in the Twitter link shortening wrapper,, which has been extended by two characters. In the new configurations non-https URLs will be extended from 20 to 22 characters, and https links will increase from 21 to 23 characters.

According to The Blog Herald, Twitter announced the changes to their link system early to allow third party developers sufficient time to adapt their applications to recognize the changes allowed for automatically embedded Tweets and other tweet sharing applications.

Comments from users around the blogosphere are demonstrating a generally negative response to the shortened tweet length, with many people concerned the shortening will hamper Twitter conversations built around social link sharing.

What do you expect to see from the new changes? Will the reduced tweet length change the way you tweet?