March 11, 2019
Jack Osbourne Pays Out $1 Million To Ex-Wife Lisa

Jack Osbourne will make a payment of $1 million to his ex Lisa Stelly, with no additional spousal support, reports TMZ.

After the judge had finalized Osbourne's divorce earlier this week, newly-released documents have revealed further details of the settlement. Stelly will receive the $1 million settlement tax-free after Osbourne loaned her $300,000 last year to buy a house.

She will also get the former couple's 2017 Audi Q7 as well as full ownership of her companies, Raddestmom, LLC and Fancy Sprinkles, Inc.

According to the documents, Osbourne will keep 17 pieces of art gifted to him from his parents, Sharon and Ozzy. The art includes two Banksys worth more than $165,000 and two Andy Warhols paintings, one of which is the Campbell Soup Apron, valued at nearly $49,000. The total value of the artworks is $346,000. He will also keep ownership of his production companies.

They will both share legal and physical custody of their three kids, with Osbourne paying $7,000 per month in child support. Neither can post anything on social media about their relationship. They are also not allowed to write any books, movies, or TV productions about each other.

They hit a bump in the road of post-breakup harmony when Jack punched a boyfriend of Lisa's last year.

TMZ reported that Osbourne got into an argument with his then-estranged wife, before allegedly coming to blows with Stelly's new boyfriend.

Late at night on July 30, Osbourne had gone to the home he shared with Stelly to talk to her. Law enforcement sources said things became tense when Stelly's boyfriend, actor/model Michael Gabel, showed up and tried to get involved in the conversation. This caused tempers to flare.

A source close to the situation told TMZ that Osbourne was under the impression he and Stelly were on the way to repairing their relationship until he witnessed the arrival of the boyfriend.

According to insiders, the situation escalated between the two men and Jack attacked Gabel, punching him in the head before leaving from the house. The Police were called and then a battery report was taken.

However, there were no charges filed because the victim did not want to press charges and Osbourne was uncooperative with the police.

Stelly filed for divorce last year after five-and-a-half years of marriage. Osbourne and Stelly got married in October 2012 at a small ceremony with fewer than 50 guests in Hawaii. He asked for the model's hand in marriage after only four months of dating.