Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Says His New Goal In Life Is To Have Donald Trump Sign His Bible

Donald Trump stoked controversy when he was photographed signing Bibles during a trip to Texas to survey the damage from storms that left 23 people dead, but one Fox News host loves the idea.

Trump was making a tour of areas struck by last week’s storm when he made a stop at Providence Baptist Church, greeting a number of adoring fans and even autographing their bibles. The move drew plenty of controversy among those who said Trump failed to show the proper respect given the tragedy the area had endured. But as Newsweek noted, the host of one of Trump’s favorite television shows had no problem with it.

Pete Hegseth, speaking on Fox & Friends, said he hopes to have his own Bible signed by Donald Trump one day.

“Like me, do you have a new life goal? My new life goal is President Trump signs a Bible that I own,” Hegseth said. “I’m going to work on that… I’m just saying, what in the world is wrong with this? Faith is so important, its central to so many people’s lives. You go through a tragedy, the president of the United States is there, he signs it — good for you.”

Donald Trump has frequently been criticized for what many see as a lack of tact in sensitive situations. Last year, Trump was seen fist-pumping to supporters when he arrived at a September 11 memorial in Pennsylvania.

The Independent noted that the photo of Trump fist-pumping spread quickly across social media, and was taken not far from where United Airlines Flight 93 went down in a field in Pennsylvania on September 11.

“The picture was shared by reporters instantly, quickly going viral across social media as the president’s critics condemned his conduct ahead of the memorial event,” the report noted.

Trump had a similar situation in June of last year when he hosted the families of people killed by illegal immigrants at an event at the White House. The meeting came amid the controversy of Trump’s policy to separate immigrant children from their parents at the U.S. border, and was seen as an attempt to seize control of the narrative over immigration.

But Trump instead stoked controversy when he was seen autographing pictures of the deceased that family members held during the press conference.

While many are still attacking Donald Trump for signing bibles during his trip to Texas, others note that both Barack Obama and George W. Bush were also photographed signing bibles for fans.

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