Anti-Trump Democrats ‘Routinely Radical’ & ‘In Sync With Their Media Handmaidens,’ Per ‘New York Post’ Writer

In a column which reads as a rebuke to the Democratic party, one which opinion columnist Michael Goodwin of the New York Post penned on March 9, many problems posed by the American left are laid out and examined.

Posing a series of largely rhetorical questions ranging from whether the Russian collusion probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller has turned into a “ridiculous fishing expedition,” to whether the newly-minted congresspeople pushing the Green New Deal have “lost their minds” in promoting plans with no way to pay for them, Goodwin stakes out a large plot of land where he indicts the modern Democratic apparatus with having gone wildly astray.

Striking moving targets from media bias, to the deep state, and from the anti-Semitic comments made by Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, to the sudden worship of an embattled Michael Cohen by the same party, the author makes it clear that he’s very tired of the narrative on display.

“All these events display the conviction among Democrats that Trump’s election and conduct give them license to eliminate all restrictions on their own behavior. The pattern reveals that Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone from being a temporary madness to a permanent political strategy. Anything goes if there is some way to blame Trump.”

Going on to point out that President Trump’s opponents are rooting for his failure, even when said failure may engender a national catastrophe — as may be the case for the North Korea peace talks, or for the burgeoning crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border — the New York Post op-ed writer cements his argument by reiterating that this “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is good for business. Citing the fact that revenues soar for The New York Times as Trump continues to make headlines great again for them, insinuating that a constant stream of negative press boosts readership, Goodwin concludes by gesturing toward the reality of an “anti-Trump bump.”

Almost axiomatic in the same way as “if it bleeds, it leads” may have been in the era of legacy media, a new axiom may be called for in the context.

As Investor’s Business Daily reports, fully 92 percent of news coverage put forth in the summer of 2018, coming from network broadcasters ABC, CBS, and NBC, was anti-Trump in nature. A mere 8 percent positive coverage appeared somewhat favorable towards the 45th president. As The Washington Times indicates, there has never been a time since President Trump began campaigning in 2016 that the percentage of negative press coming from these three networks had dipped below 90 percent.

If Michael Goodwin is right, and the party has become so “routinely radical” that Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, must play catch-up to his leftward flank, there can be little doubt that the clash of ideologies set to erupt in 2020 will be spectacular in scope.

Whether or not “House Dems are in sync with their media handmaidens,” in perpetuating “overt bias against Trump” remains a matter of question, although Goodwin certainly seems convinced of this sequence of events.

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