Ellen DeGeneres Wants To Be Jennifer Lopez’s Maid Of Honor

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Jennifer Lopez has been dating former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez for over two years. The couple often expresses their love for one another on social media and appears very content together. Finally, they have decided to officially tie the knot. On Saturday the couple shared via social media that they are now engaged. Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, popped the question while the pair were on a romantic getaway in the Bahamas, according to Fox News.

J-Lo shared a touching photograph with her 88.3 million Instagram followers of Rodriguez clasping her hand which was adorned with a giant diamond ring. Her caption was simply a long line of hearts. Her new fiancee posted the same photo with the caption, “she said yes.”

The second the pair announced their happy news, social media went ablaze with many fellow celebrities and fans congratulating them. Even though the happy couple has only been engaged for a day, there are already some who are competing to be a part of J-Lo’s future wedding party. Ellen DeGeneres, who has been pals with J-Lo for years, was quick to volunteer for the position of maid of honor.

“Yes. I’ll be your maid of honor,” DeGeneres commented on J-Lo’s Instagram post jokingly.

Although it is probably safe to assume that the comedian’s comment was made mostly in jest, it would actually make a lot of sense for DeGeneres to take on the role of J-Lo’s maid of honor. After all, she has known the singer for years and welcomed her on her television show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show many times. DeGeneres has also interviewed both A-Rod and J-Lo about their relationship status several times. She was always a firm supporter of the couple, often encouraging them to just get married. In fact, J-Lo tagged DeGeneres in her engagement announcement post, likely because she’s been asking about it for so long.

Back in November, DeGeneres welcomed J-Lo on the show and asked if a future engagement was in the works.

“You should [get married], because y’all seem very happy. I mean, it would be good to do for Christmas,” Degeneres said.


Nevertheless, while J-Lo stated that they were happy together, she didn’t give much away regarding an engagement any time soon.

Two months later, DeGeneres asked J-Lo for an update. She jokingly told her that if A-Rod didn’t propose soon she should take matters into her own hands.

“Because you and A-Rod just celebrated your two-year anniversary … This is a clock, and it’s basically to remind him that time is ticking and he should hurry up and propose. Or you should propose.”

Thankfully A-Rod didn’t disappoint.