‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Whereabouts A Mystery, Jon Lindstrom Teases Possibilities

General Hospital spoilers tease that the coming week will bring some answers and revelations, but one key tidbit will apparently remain open-ended. As Friday’s show ended, Ryan pulled Ava over the side of the footbridge, and everybody will learn a bit more about their fate during the week of March 11.

As The Inquisitr has detailed, Ava will be pulled out of the water, and it sounds as if she’ll be relatively unscathed physically. Emotionally, of course, will be an entirely different matter.

According to the latest print edition of Soap Opera Digest, however, Ryan’s status will remain a mystery for now.

Initially, it had looked as if either Ryan would die after the fall or would be injured and hospitalized. Now, emerging General Hospital spoilers reveal that the show will go with a frequently used soap approach of leaving Ryan’s whereabouts and status unknown.

It is known that soon, Ava will get drunk and head to General Hospital in hopes that Ryan has ended up there. That seems to pinpoint that Laura and Jason will manage to get to Ava and get her back home, but there will be no signs of Ryan. As much as Jason certainly won’t want to leave him there, it may be that the group will feel they can find Carly without grilling Ryan any further.

When Ava gets to GH, she’ll start making a scene, and General Hospital spoilers share that Franco will try to settle her down. As the two talk, she’ll explain how the engagement ring she got from “Kevin” was her first, and Franco will say it sounds as if Ava is hoping that Ryan is still alive.

Apparently, Ava will reply that she does hope Ryan is alive so she can take care of him herself. When she leaves Franco’s room she’ll see another patient: Kevin. She’ll assume it’s Ryan and blast him, and realizing it’s actually Kevin will leave her all the more rattled.

Will viewers get to see any more of Ryan? Actor Jon Lindstrom, who has been playing both Kevin and Ryan, has been teasing via social media that there may be more ahead. Heading into this recent week of chaos, Lindstrom teased via Twitter that this might not be the end of Ryan despite the cliffhanger.

Lindstrom has been quite open in saying he’s had the most fun of his career with this storyline. Of course, as General Hospital fans know, he has tackled a dual-role storyline before. However, it seems that this time, he’s had an especially grand time with it.

Is it really over for Ryan? Even with Friday’s cliffhanger, Lindstrom teased (via Twitter) that things might be a bit open-ended. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central don’t reveal anything too specific yet about what comes next with Ryan.

Ava’s meltdown should come mid-week, and the following week will have Felicia feeling haunted by her past in some way. Will Ryan simply never be found, similar to what happened with both Nikolas and Morgan? Will viewers get to see that Ryan is still alive but escaped, or will justice be delivered soon, with the authorities finding him?

Fans have plenty of questions, but General Hospital spoilers tease that answers may be elusive for now. What is certain is that the week of March 11 will be another wild one that viewers will not want to miss.

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