March 10, 2019
WWE News: Former UFC Champion Says Brock Lesnar Can't Fight For Title, 'He's Not Even Part Of The Sport'

Right now, Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion, and he will put his title on the line against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35 next month. Many thought that Lesnar would leave WWE last year when his contract was up and head back to UFC, but it didn't go that way. There are still rumors that Lesnar is going to receive a shot at the UFC Heavyweight Championship held by Daniel Cormier, but not everyone thinks it should be that way.

For a few years now, everyone thought that Lesnar was going to depart WWE once his contract expired in 2018. The "Beast" even showed up at a UFC event, and thus started the rumors that he would eventually go after the heavyweight title held by Cormier, but it still hasn't happened.

Lesnar's last MMA fight was at UFC 200 in 2016 when he defeated Mark Hunt, but that ended up being overturned due to a failed drug test. Now, there are still rumors of Lesnar fighting again in UFC, and it's still a huge amount of strong speculation that he will face off against Cormier, but is that fair?

On Saturday night, former champion Junior Dos Santos won his third fight in a row, and he believes he's in line for a title shot. At the same time, Dos Santos doesn't believe that Lesnar necessarily deserves to get in the octagon with Cormier.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Junior does not understand why Lesnar should be mentioned in rumors for a UFC Heavyweight Championship fight. In his post-match interview on Saturday night, Dos Santos held nothing back regarding how he feels about the idea of Lesnar vs. Cormier.
"For sure not Brock Lesnar [next for Cormier]. He's not even part of the sport right now. He cannot come back and fight for the title. It doesn't make sense."
Dos Santos certainly has a valid point as Lesnar's last official victory in UFC came back in 2010, when he defeated Shane Carwin by submission. That's almost nine years since he's actually won a fight, and he has had only one fight (Hunt) since that time.

At UFC Fight Night 146, the victory by Dos Santos moved him into second place on the career wins list for heavyweight fights in UFC. He is obviously someone that deserves a shot at Cormier, and he has proven that he's a fighter who should be at the top. At the same time, though, his frustration would be fully understood if Lesnar came right out of WWE and received a title shot of his own.