Kevin Feige Reveals Why Nick Fury Waited Until ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ To Page Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is already tearing up the box office in its opening weekend, and the film is leading toward something even bigger next month. In late April, Avengers: Endgame hits theaters and the world will finally see how things play out after Captain Marvel was summoned to help against Thanos. Knowing that, many fans are wondering why Nick Fury never pressed her pager button before.

For those who have not yet seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, there are going to be spoilers for that movie from this point on. If you don’t want to find out what happened at the end of it, you’ll want to stop reading now.

At the end of Infinity War, Nick Fury was shown in the mid-credits scene hitting the button on a pager just before he disappeared after Thanos’ snap. As he disappeared, the pager fell to the ground and the credits concluded with Captain Marvel’s emblem showing on it.

Due to the past happenings in New York and the damage created by Ultron, some are wondering why Captain Marvel had never been summoned before. Slash Film recently spoke with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to ask that very question and it was obviously something that he had thought about before.

Captain Marvel is one of the strongest forces in the entire universe and her assistance will certainly come in handy during Avengers: Endgame. Still, when Loki and his army were demolishing New York, she was nowhere to be found. When Ultron tried to elevate Sokovia into the atmosphere, Captain Marvel wasn’t seen anywhere.

So, the question was presented to Kevin Feige and he was asked why Nick Fury hadn’t activated the pager to summon Captain Marvel before. Believe it or not, he was ready to answer it, but he wanted to clarify something first.

“Well, I’d say two things. One, she does say it’s gotta be a real emergency, right? Yeah.”

Slash Film said that it was “just a city” when the Avengers had to battle in New York and Sokovia. That was not the entire world, which is what they’re dealing with now. Once that was cleared up, Feige continued.

“The other thing I’d say is how do you know he never hit it? How do we know he never pushed it before? We’ve never seen him push it before. That doesn’t mean he never did.”

Nick Fury knew that he always had the opportunity to contact Captain Marvel when he knew the entire world needed her, and this was obviously it. Actually, it’s a good thing that he was able to press it before he disappeared due to the actions of Thanos, and now, she needs to help out the Avengers. Captain Marvel is in theaters now and fans can see where the strong superhero came from and how she fits into the MCU.

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