Luke Perry’s Fiancee Spotted Having Dinner With His Ex-Wife And Son As They Prepare For Actor’s Funeral

Nielson BarnardGetty Images

Luke Perry’s death appears to have brought his entire extended family closer together, as the late actor’s fiancee was spotted having dinner with his son and ex-wife this week as they prepare for his funeral.

TMZ caught pictures of the trio as they dined together in Studio City on Friday, alongside someone identified as a friend of Perry’s daughter, Sophie. Perry passed away after spending several days in a medically-induced coma. Reports noted that he was surrounded by friends and family, which included both his fiancee and ex-wife, along with his children.

The TMZ report noted that the family was likely discussing funeral arrangements, as the Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale star is set to be laid to rest in the Los Angeles Forest Lawn Cemetery. Perry’s son, Jack Perry, has also taken some time away from his work as a professional wrestler as the family prepared the funeral arrangements.

Luke Perry’s fiancee, Wendy Madison Bauer, has been thrust into the spotlight since the actor’s stroke and subsequent hospitalization last week. The two had been together for several years, though kept their relationship mostly low-key with few public appearances. Bauer was once in show business herself, with a handful of acting credits including parts in House and The Mentalist, per IMDb, though she has not acted since 2011 and has since been working as a therapist.

Wendy Madison Bauer’s profile page on Psychology Today says that she specializes in working with adults suffering from depression, anxiety, other mental disorders, and those working through grief. Bauer said she aimed to help people when they were at their lowest.

“Most people come to me when problems have become unbearable. They feel alone and stuck and powerless to do anything about it,” the profile read.


“They come in hoping I can tell them what they need to do to feel better. I provide support and guidance so that my clients do not have to bear their struggles alone.”

After Luke Perry’s passing, Wendy Madison Bauer remained quiet for several days before releasing a statement late in the week expressing her gratitude to everyone who had supported her and the family in recent days. He noted that the “countless, heartwarming stories” of Perry’s generosity and kindness have been a great comfort to the family in the days after his death.

Many other friends and fellow actors have shared remembrances of Luke Perry as well, including many of his Beverly Hills 90210 co-stars.