WWE Rumors: Backstage Update On Big Contracts Being Offered To Superstars – All Or Nothing


Tye Dillinger, TJP, and Hideo Itami have already asked for their release and had it granted or been let go by WWE. As reported by The Inquisitr, the Good Brothers have turned down some huge deals offered to them and are planning on leaving the company. Vince McMahon and other executives are trying to lock up some of their big-name talent in the promotion, but superstars need to think fast as the deals may be all or nothing.

The formation of All Elite Wrestling has brought forth a new place for wrestlers to sign and work for big money. Once WWE realized what was going on there, they started going to current superstars and looking to have them sign extensions and new deals to keep them under contract for years to come.

All of these new offers being dished out aren’t necessarily going to be available long, though. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., if superstars don’t accept these initial big offers from WWE, they may not be around if they decide to take them later.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were reportedly offered “multi-million dollar” deals that they have already turned down. Their current contracts don’t expire until sometime in September, but this new report states that if they decide to re-sign later, it may not be for as much money.

WWE officials are giving off the attitude backstage that superstars should sign these big contracts when initially offered to them. If they choose not to sign right away and want to wait or think about it, that lucrative contract will not be available at a later date.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio believes that future WWE contracts are going to depend highly on how All Elite Wrestling is doing. If they’re having a great deal of success, the deals offered to those in WWE will be higher. If AEW begins to flounder and loses steam, WWE superstars may not be offered as much.

This makes perfect sense as AEW is able to compete with WWE on a financial level, but not yet on a status level as a promotion. That may change in time, but if AEW does not reach a great level of success, contract offers from them may go down as well.

WWE has no desire to start another set of promotion wars, but if it happens, they don’t want their own superstars being used against them. Right now, a number of talents are unhappy and some changes are being made either on their end or that of the promotion. If big money deals are being offered to superstars, though, they want to take them or WWE may not keep them on the table very long.