Jordyn Woods Goes Braless In Official Return To Instagram, Post-Scandal

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

After almost three weeks of absence, Jordyn Woods marked her official return to Instagram on Friday with a selfie. The return follows the cheating scandal involving herself and Tristan Thompson, the ex-boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian.

On International Women’s Day, the 21-year-old model took to the popular social media platform to share two sexy snapshots of herself donning a white T-shirt while wearing nothing underneath, paired with an inspirational caption. In the first selfie, Jordyn is looking at the camera smiling slightly. She is holding the camera to her side, capturing the left side of her upper body and face.

Jordyn is posing outdoor in the sun, which is making her face glow. She is wearing minimal makeup, consisting essentially of a dash of mascara, nude lips, and bronzer that contours her face. She has her raven hair in a side part and straightened in strands that fall onto shoulders, grazing her neck.

The second selfie shows Jordyn in the same outfit and location, but in a slightly different pose. In this one, she placed the camera in a more central position, catching her face and upper body from the front.

The post, which Jordyn shared with her impressive 9.4 million Instagram followers, racked up more than 712,000 likes and more than 37,000 comments in under an hour of having been posted.

Users of the social media platform flocked to the comments section to praise her beauty, but also to note their support for the young model, who has been at the center of some very negative media coverage.

“Girl you’re young, we all did some things at your age. I’m sad you had to go through so much bc of your public life. Continue to grow and continue to learn! I hope everyone can forgive and become friends again. Literally like a house of cards,” one user wrote, a comment that garnered more than 1,100 likes — at the time of this writing.

As Cosmopolitan noted at the time, Jordyn was seen at a house party in which Tristan was also in attendance, where they were “all over each other.” Since then, Khloe, who is the sister of Jordyn’s best friend, Kylie Jenner, has broken up with Tristan, a fact she initially blamed Jordyn for, which she did via Twitter.

As Cosmopolitan pointed out, the relationship status of Jordyn and Kylie remain unclear, though Jordyn did move out of her friend’s guest house. To add to the mystery, Jordyn apparently liked a photo Kylie posted on Instagram on Friday, and then unliked it, as a separate Cosmopolitan article noted.