‘Alaskan Bush People’ Spoiler: Brown Family Camping Trip Feels ‘Just Like Old Times’

According to a report by People, on the upcoming episode, the Brown family enjoys a camping trip that makes them feel like they’re returning to their familiar roots.

For a family famous for living in the wilds of Alaska, living in Washington was likely a rough adjustment for the rough and tough family.

The move was necessary for Ami Brown’s health after she was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago. The entire family relocated to the North Cascade Mountains in Washington, and Ami was able to receive her treatments.

In a sneak peek video, the family is seen growing a little nostalgic sitting around a campfire having dinner in the middle of nowhere. Billy, who’s arguably been having the hardest time adjusting to civilized life, said he’s going stir crazy in the city and wants to make these kinds of trips an annual tradition.

“Man, looking around makes me feel so good. After sitting in the city for almost a year, really thinking that we weren’t going to have that lifestyle again, it’s made the lifestyle even more important. I think all of us, we just want to get back to who we are.”

Billy’s daughter Snowbird expressed similar homesickness, recalling the hunts they’d go on with their father and “being under the stars.”

Bear also had some memories of the good old days when they lived in Alaska. He reminisced about the cookouts and stated that he felt like they were slowly going back to normal.

The camping trip is a precursor to the buffalo hunt that was teased earlier this week, as reported by Inquisitr.

The members of the family are desperate to obtain enough buffalo meat to sustain them through the winter. While part of the family is tracking down the large animals, the two brothers Noah and Bam are busy building a “mine-cooled meat locker” to hold all of the food.

Even though Ami revealed the news that she’s in remission, she and her husband Billy Brown must still fly into Los Angeles for checkups every three months.

Given her medical needs and their land purchase in Washington, it seems like the Brown family is consigned to settling in a different land and learning to live their life differently.

If this upcoming episode is any indication, the Brown family is realizing just how important it is to return to their roots every now and then, which could see the family finding new ways to relive their old lives in future episodes.

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