‘Alaskan Bush People’ Spoiler: Family Embarks On First Buffalo Hunt Ever

According to a teaser on Twitter for the upcoming Sunday episode of Alaskan Bush People, the Brown family is preparing to do something they’ve never done before — hunt buffalo.

For anyone who’s been keeping up with the Brown family on the Discovery channel show, they’ll know that they are experienced hunters.

Many episodes have shown the Brown’s hunting deer, and they’re known for sustaining themselves on their catches during the long, cold months in Alaska.

Now that they’ve moved further south, it seems that the Brown’s are gearing up for new game and new experiences. They are slowly settling into their new home.

The teaser video shows Billy driving his family across the countryside as he talks about the “darndest trip” they’ll ever go on.

After revealing that they’re going buffalo hunting, Snowbird admits that she’s “never actually seen a buffalo in person.” She appears a little intimidated by the prospect.

Billy jokes that once the buffalo starts charging her, she’ll realize pretty quick that it’s a buffalo. Rain seems pretty shocked by the revelation that a buffalo could charge her while on the hunt.

Billy reveals in the episode that he’s concerned about the upcoming winter, and that the family could really afford to do well on the hunt in order to provide for themselves.

There seems to be a tense moment in the upcoming episode, as the siblings worry about losing their chance to take down one of the buffalo. One of the siblings takes the shot.

According to an episode summary by TV Guide, while some members of the Brown family are tracking the buffalo for much needed meat, Noah and Bam are busy preparing for the inflow of supplies by building a “mine-cooled meat locker.”

Such a cooler would be necessary to store all of the buffalo meat in order to keep it viable throughout the winter. Some fans are excited by the prospect of the meat locker being in a mine, and wonder at what it’ll look like. Other fans are more focused on contemplating the unique challenges that will come from building it.

While many fans have been worried at how rugged the show will be — now that the Brown family is located in Washington — the upcoming buffalo hunt may prove to be an interesting development.

Fans will have to wait for the episode to air on Sunday to find out how well the Brown family did on their buffalo hunt — and whether it will be enough to sustain them through the winter.

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