Kim Kardashian Trolled For What Fans Think Is A Makeup Fail

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself on Twitter that some fans are trolling as a contour fail.

Kim posted a selfie of herself striking a pose, presumably just after doing her makeup on Twitter. In the captions, she wishes everyone a “magical day.”

Some users responded positively, thanking her for the good wishes and hoping her day goes well. Others thought the picture might have been for all the women in the world, considering the post went out on International Women’s Day.

But while some people fawned over Kim’s looks, others were critical of how she did her makeup, particularly for what they saw as a failed contour line. The trolls came out in mass numbers as they shared GIFs, pictures, and critical comments about the line Kim has from her lips to her ear.

The nicer comments thought maybe she had struggled with contouring on that day and simply chose to upload the photo anyway. Some wondered if she had a brush and offered helpful suggestions on how to blend better, and others wondered if it was a new fashion trend.

There were many that weren’t very forgiving.

“So 2019 we ain’t blending ummmh,” said one person.

“Going for the joker look?” asked another individual.

“Babe!!! Stop over lining your top lip and for crying out loud, blend that line!” cried a user.

“You kinda look like #momo,” commented one person in reference to the infamous Momo challenge, which has a birdlike woman scaring children online to do horrible acts.

So far, Kim hasn’t responded to the criticisms of her contour line, nor has she mentioned whether it was on purpose or not.

This also isn’t the first time Kim has been criticized for her apparent lack of makeup skills. According to a report by InStyle, she faced criticism after attempting to swatch and struggling with it back in 2017.

She was trying to demonstrate her new line of KKW Beauty Powder Contour Kits and was having trouble doing it properly.

Fans immediately responded to the Instagram Story to point out how badly she was doing it. Kim claims that she got so stressed out by the comments that a stress pimple appeared on her face.

Again, it’s unclear at this time if the line across her cheek was put there on purpose as a new fashion trend, or if she was struggling to contour and the dim lighting aggravated the problem.

Fortunately for Kim, it seems that the majority of her fans found her absolutely beautiful anyway and had no problems with how she did her makeup.