Beth Chapman Slammed For Supporting Petition To Save Husky That Bit A Child

Beth Chapman, wife of famed bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, has oftentimes used social media to update her fans regarding the status of her battle with cancer. In addition to those updates, she has also spoken openly about people she admires and causes she believes in. That’s what happened on Tuesday, when the reality television star took to Facebook to convince fans to sign a petition to save the life of two huskies, including one that reportedly bit off the hand of a 4-year-old boy from Utah. However, it appears that several of her fans do not agree with the petition’s objective, as shown in the comments to the post in question.

According to a report from Fox 13 Salt Lake City, the incident took place in Layton, Utah, where the boy, who was not named, placed a sock on his hand and reached out underneath the fence separating his family’s backyard from that of their neighbors. As explained by People on Tuesday, one of the neighbors’ two pet huskies thought he was playing with a toy and ended up biting down too hard on the boy’s hand, ripping it off completely.

In an online petition addressed to Davis County Animal Control in Utah, Jessica Nusz, who is friends with the dogs’ owner, explained that the animals are currently in quarantine and that there are concerns that the husky that attacked the young boy might be put down because of the “freak incident.”

At the time of its report, People noted that the petition had attracted almost 50,000 signatures, and Beth Chapman apparently hoped to drum up additional support for the campaign by sharing the outlet’s report on her Facebook page. While a number of followers agreed with Chapman and said they would sign the petition, several were more critical, commenting that the husky behind the attack in Utah should be put down.

“Once a dog has a taste for blood it will always have a taste for it,” one follower wrote, adding that any dog that cannot tell the difference between a toy and a human arm is a “[piece of s**t] anyway.”

“If this was a PITBULL people would be signing petitions to eradicate the entire breed from the area!” another Facebook user commented. “But since it’s a Husky people want to save a very obviously Vicious animal! By the gods people!”

“I can’t believe people care more for the dog than they did the child,” a third follower remarked.

Meanwhile, those who agreed with Chapman and maintained that the husky’s life should be spared justified their comments by saying that the animal was simply reacting instinctively by assuming the boy’s arm was a “chew toy,” or by blaming the child’s parents for not teaching him how to act around dogs.

“But had he been supervised properly then all of the above could have been prevented,” wrote one user.

As of this writing, Beth Chapman has not addressed any of the comments on her post, though she did confirm on Wednesday that she signed the petition.

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