‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Oscar’s Loved Ones Scramble And Jason’s Road Trip With Laura Progresses

Craig SjodinABC

People are not going to want to miss Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that there will be major developments playing out throughout the full hour of this March 7 show and truly powerful performances are on the way.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter suggests that Oscar will remain in dire condition after the seizure he had at the hotel in Niagara Falls. During Wednesday’s show as Josslyn called Kim, she explained that the teen was being taken to a local Niagara Falls medical center.

Josslyn and her friends will make their way to the medical center and Joss will beg to see Oscar. Back in Port Charles, Kim will tell Drew about these developments. It seems likely that Kim and Drew will scramble and hit the road as quickly as they can to get by their son’s side.

Will Oscar survive at this point? Fans have speculated that he might pass away soon and some General Hospital spoilers hint that may be the case. She Knows Soaps teases that in the coming week, Josslyn will take the blame for what’s happened and Kim will brush away an offer from Shiloh for help or support.

However, there had been some teasers floating around that at the very least, Oscar and his father Drew would have at least one more opportunity to share a heartfelt talk with one another. General Hospital spoilers hint that Oscar’s condition will remain uncertain for now.

The sneak peek teases that Cameron will have what seems to be a potentially ominous conversation with “Kevin” as he races to help Oscar. Obviously, Ryan and Cam will be stunned that they’ve run into one another at this little motel in Niagara Falls.

Ryan will note that he can’t let Cameron go now, but luckily, General Hospital spoilers tease that nothing bad happens to the teen at this point. The preview for Thursday’s show reveals that Cam and Trina will be with Joss at the Niagara Falls medical center as they ask for an update on Oscar.

Laura convinced Jason to let her go with him as he raced toward Niagara Falls. Viewers will see the two in the car together and General Hospital spoilers indicate that they’ll manage to find Ryan relatively soon.

However, no matter how quickly Laura and Jason find Ryan, it’ll be too late to prevent Ava from finding Carly. As Wednesday’s show ended, Ava had popped the trunk where Carly is hidden, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll be understandably stunned.

Thursday’s episode will also show Lulu regaining her memories from the night of the attack. In addition, it looks as if she’ll connect with Chase as he’s on the phone warning someone about Ryan being potentially armed and dangerous.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Elizabeth will reach out to someone to tell them about Franco, and it could be that she’s leaving a message for Cam at this point. Viewers will also see a bit more of Sonny in Turkey as he searches for Dante.

This has been one of the most intense, wild weeks of action that viewers have had in a long time, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s a lot more chaos ahead. Viewers will not want to miss a minute of this March 7 show, and it sounds as if the upcoming week will be pretty crazy, too.