Michael Cohen’s Latest Testimony Termed ‘Explosive’ After Video Of Team Arriving With ‘Receipts’ Goes Viral

On Wednesday, former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified behind closed doors in front of the House Intelligence Committee. Last week, Cohen testified publicly for the committee, and shared numerous bombshells. It seems that this testimony ended up being the tip of the iceberg, as the committee then decided they wanted him back for a closed-door session as well. While lawmakers cannot share specifics about what they learned, it seems clear that Cohen and his team brought a lot of documentation — and shared a fair amount of jaw-dropping information.

A video showing Cohen and his team’s arrival on Wednesday quickly went viral across social media. The former Trump fixer had already provided intriguing documentation during other recent days of testimony. However, many people on Twitter speculated over how much more was to come as the team walked in ahead of the day of testimony, wheeling several large bags or suitcases behind them.

After the day of testimony, California Democratic Representative Jackie Speier spoke with Chris Cuomo on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time. The segment, shared via CNN Politics, shows that Speier called Cohen’s latest testimony compelling, revealing, and explosive.

Rep. Speier said that a number of topics were discussed, ones that covered entirely different issues compared to what Cohen addressed in his public testimony last week. Obviously, the congresswoman couldn’t provide specific examples of what Cohen revealed. However, she did claim that there is building evidence that points toward tax evasion, fraud, and conspiracy to suborn perjury on the part of President Trump.

As CBS News shared via Twitter, Rep. Adam Schiff essentially echoed Speier’s comments following the day of Cohen’s testimony. Schiff said that it was a long but productive day, and that Cohen answered every question that was asked of him by both Republicans and Democrats.

Schiff noted that Cohen has shared numerous documents with the committee, and continues to cooperate with them. The California Democratic representative said that he would keep the everybody updated on further witnesses and testimony that they anticipate coming in the days ahead.

What comes next for Michael Cohen? Many on social media noted that he looked rather relieved as he wrapped up this latest day of testimony and headed home. New questions have emerged as a result of some of this recent testimony, and Cohen’s lawyers are scrambling to clarify some seemingly contradictory claims.

Many speculated that Michael Cohen may have been so forthcoming and willing to cooperate these past couple of weeks in hopes that his upcoming prison sentence might be reduced. It’s not clear yet whether that will ultimately be the case, but people will be watching to see what happens with President Donald Trump’s former fixer between now and early May — when he’s due to begin serving his sentence.

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